angular Contributor Day


Apr 8th, 2017


Salt Lake City


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Talks and discussions

Opening Remarks

Core Team Remarks & Survey Results


Setting Agenda

Community Support

Real World Experiences at Scale

Documentation Versioning

Reaching the Unreachable

How can we help Angular drive the web forward?

What direction should I choose as a business?

How do we draw in other communities?

Angular as a meta framework or finding shared use cases

Challenges Teaching Angular

Getting junior developers started & making it less scary

Standardized Tools

Making Angular more accessible to students and researchers

How do we have better conversations w/ C level executives

Who is ngUpgrade for?

Goals of Angular

Calls to Action & Final Discussion


Igor Minar
Igor Minar Angular Core Team
Brad Green
Brad Green Angular Core Team
Stephen Fluin
Stephen Fluin Angular Core Team
Alex Eagle
Alex Eagle Angular Core Team
Rob Wormald
Rob Wormald Angular Core Team


Ben Lesh
Ben Lesh RxJs Lead
Uri Goldshtein
Uri Goldshtein Meteor, GraphQL
Tara Manicsic
Tara Manicsic NativeScript
Aysegul Yönet
Aysegul Yönet Google Developer Expert
Minko Gechev
Minko Gechev Google Developer Expert
Tracy Lee
Tracy Lee This Dot Co-founder, RxJS Core Team. Google Developer Expert
John Papa
John Papa Microsoft
Mike Brocchi
Mike Brocchi Angular-CLI Core Team
Ward Bell
Ward Bell IdeaBlade
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas Ionic Framework
Victor Savkin
Victor Savkin Angular Core Contributor
Pascal Precht
Pascal Precht Google Developer Advocate
Matt Davis
Matt Davis
Steven Kampen
Steven Kampen
Mike Ryan
Mike Ryan ngrx Contributor
Deborah Kurata
Deborah Kurata Google Developer Expert
Bill Odom
Bill Odom Angular Bootcamp


Thank you to our generous sponsors for helping put on this event.

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