rxjs Contributor Day


Feb 3rd, 2017


Silicon Valley

RxJS Contributor Day brought together the creators of RxJS and users of the library to discuss concerns and plan improvements.

Amongst the users, we had Angular core team members, the author of Vue.js, developers from Slack, Microsoft, and Netflix.

The discussion focused on making it easier for users of all levels to consume the library, understand the API and learn how to use RxJS library effectively.


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Talks and discussions

RxJS 5+ and Beyond Talk by Ben Lesh

RxJS 5 Operator Architecture Talk by Paul Taylor

Operator Philosophy and Versioning

Size & Modularity vs Ergonomics vs Performance

Breaking Changes & Communication

Zone.js Integration

Helping newbies understand value of Rx



Reducing Beginner Pain


Ben Lesh
Ben Lesh RxJs Lead
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor RxJs Core Team
Jay Phelps
Jay Phelps Co-founder and Software Architect at This Dot


Igor Minar
Igor Minar Angular Core Team
Andre Staltz
Andre Staltz RxJS Core Team
Uri Goldshtein
Uri Goldshtein Meteor, GraphQL
Evan You
Evan You Creator of Vue.js
Jeff Cross
Jeff Cross Angular Contributor, Co-Founder at Narwhal Technologies Inc
Matthew Dapena-Tretter
Matthew Dapena-Tretter Nuclide, Facebook
Aysegul Yönet
Aysegul Yönet Google Developer Expert
Minko Gechev
Minko Gechev CTO & co-founder at Rhyme.com, GDE, Codelyzer
Bill Barnes
Bill Barnes Microsoft
OJ Kwon
OJ Kwon RxJS Core Team, Slack
Kyle Kelley
Kyle Kelley Netflix, redux-observable
Bill Odom
Bill Odom Developer, consultant, and trainer
Mostafa Eweda
Mostafa Eweda Nuclide, Facebook
Rob Wormald
Rob Wormald Angular Core Team